About the Secretariat

About the Secretariat

THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY works with the President and Treasurer in the operation and strategic planning of the Conference Administration. According to the Northern California Conference Bylaws, the Executive Secretary is to keep the minutes of the proceedings of the Conference Sessions and Executive Committee meetings, and to act as vice-chair of the Executive Committee.


Approving and issuing credentials and licenses to all eligible workers
Administering and supervising the work of local church clerks relating to membership transfers, baptisms, deaths, etc.
Reviewing and recommending the development of local church organizations to the Executive Committee, such as branch Sabbath schools, affiliate groups, companies, churches
Maintaining full and complete record of the proceedings of the Executive Committee and Constituency Session
Providing counsel and advice to pastors and local church leaders as it relates to the SDA Church Manual and other policy matters
Processing all travel requests for Conference workers and for overseas missions projects
Countersigning all papers and documents that require the Executive Secretary’s signature.


Pastor Jose Marin has worked in ministry for the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the past 24 years. He is currently the executive secretary for the Northern California Conference.

As Executive Secretary Marin enjoys keeping the records of the members in the Conference. He chronicles the acts of God and the growth of each church as they move forward in reaching their communities with the incarnational gospel of Christ. He shepherds pastors as they proclaim the good news of salvation and prepares men and women for His soon return.

Born in Long Beach, Calif., Marin attended public school until his senior year when he attended San Diego Academy. During spring break, he went on a mission trip which was sponsored by an anonymous donor. On that trip he definitely felt God’s call to ministry. “I realized what my life purpose was: to serve God in ministry,” he said.

Marin graduated from Montemorelos University in Mexico with a degree in Theology. Then he worked as a pastoral assistant in Southern California for several months. In 1995 he accepted a call to the Washington Conference where he helped plant several churches. From 1998-2006, he worked in the Texas Conference as a pastor and evangelist.

Marin was called to the Arizona Conference in 2006 to serve as assistant to the president for Hispanic ministries and Sabbath School director. In 2014, Marin received a call to the Northern California Conference where he served as Hispanic coordinator for two years. Then in 2016, Marin received a call to return to the Arizona Conference as executive secretary, ministerial director, and evangelism director, and then two years later, in 2018, he was voted in as executive secretary for the Northern California Conference. His passion is to demonstrate Christ’s amazing grace as he works to win men and women to Christ.

Marin and his wife Cynthia have three college-age boys: Geovanni, Nephtali and Josemiguel.

He enjoys hiking with his wife and mentoring his sons.